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My solution to be a Bessler-wheel             back to german

With four flying weights the oscillation of the inner unbalanced system remains within a range that a pendulum can manage. So for me, this solution results:

Animation P1213

The construction contains the same 12:13 gear in the center as already shown on page ”The momentous 13”. It is only covered here to highlight two important aspects: offset and oscillation of the unbalanced wheel or unbalanced cross.
The animation shows the principle of energy exchange, but not the release mechanism that initiates the centrifuging of the flying weights. Since the gears of Algodoo simulation fail at the needed weights and speeds, I have laboriously created a GIF animation step by step to make the process understandable. The principle is the same as on the previous page: The inner wheel rolls down a ”tooth” and then swings back to the starting height, only the procedure is slightly different.
On the right side the flying weights become part of the outer wheel and cause acceleration (energy gain). On the left side they become part of the inner cross and need energy to get to the top. Besides the wheel itself also the pendulum (red, according to Besslers MT13 ”in half moon shape”) will work as an energy storage. When the weights jump up, it will be loaded, the unbalanced cross will be pressed down. Afterwards, it lifts the cross when the weights have moved to the outer wheel.

Now I won't list all of Besslers hints fitting to this solution, but I want to add one from page 71 of Besslers Poetic Apology:

  „For if I am already placing here
    Into a creation for example one cross only/
    You'll see it moving quite slowly
    Hardly turn around by itself;
    On the other hand / when I built in
    Lots of crosses/ belts and weights /
    This way the wheel can run much faster/
    will unsettle the calculation of Wagner”

Two further crosses, each offset by 30 degrees, fit in there perfectly. And it becomes more and more obvious that MT13 and MT55 clearly point in this direction.

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