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The first wheels

The pages „ ... two and two” describe the function and construction of a simple Bessler wheel as it would be realised today. Four of such systems with eight flying weights probably also represented the basic structure of the last two wheels, which additionally had a reversing mechanism.
Currently however I am of the opinion that the unbalance system of the first wheels was even simpler.

To explain it, here a short excursion into Bessler’s concealment tactics as far as I have understood them so far.

Bessler was an ingenious inventor and connoisseur of all kinds of scripts and encryption techniques. Of course he wanted to keep his secret until someone bought the invention from him, but he would have liked to tell the world what fabulous thing he had discovered. So he could not but to give hints in his writings, never coming near the real solution.
Now it is good that there are people today who have time to spend years on this subject, to decipher one clue after the other and possibly also uncover the secret.

One of his tricks I have already found and revealed:
what you want to conceal you have to show openly - and only assign it a different function,
as in the case of the stamper mechanism.
Another trick is to write around it in a description, but leave out what is important.
Let me give MT24 and MT25 as an example. MT24 has eight flying weights, MT25 only four. A picture with six weights is missing. But that is exactly what would be correct.
The mechanics of the first two wheels are hidden behind the missing picture.
And if you want to speculate further on MT24: 2 + 4 = 6 - interesting!

For me, this strategy sums up Bessler’s verse on the last page of Poëtische Apologie:
„Are you then still inconceivable
When I discover the art within/
So make the - - you subdued.”

The „- -” means: the missing part, the not presented, the omission, the meaningful in between.
That which Bessler does not depict is the essential!

MT24 one system    So here is one system of two weights in red
   according to the sketch by MT24.
   A simple lever replaces the pulley from before,
   which saves weight and is easier to implement.
   The minimal pivot movement (green lever)
   is enlarged by the yellow linkage and used
   to swing out the upper flying weight.
   This pulls the lower weight inwards
   with the grey rope at the same time.
   Only by intervention of the stamper mechanism
   a perpetual movement can occur as written
   by Bessler in DT 21:
   „ ... but not only do they never reach
   an equilibrium or punktum quietis/
   but seek it ceaselessly/
   and in their admirable speed of flight/
   in proportion to their own size
   as well as that of their shell,
   in addition they have to drive other burdens
   appli(cir)ed outside to Vorticis Verticalis.”

The weights in the wheel therefore never can reach equilibrium and come to a standstill, if they are constantly stimulated anew by the stamper mechanism. The task for us is „only” to find the right proportions, i.e. the dimensions and weights, the lenght of the levers and their pivot points.

MT24 three systems

    In this picture all three systems are
    shown with their 6 flying weights
    and you can see immediately that this
    optimisation work is not yet done.

    The weihgts here take longer to swing
    in and out, and therefore the stampers
    would have to intervene earlier.

    But in the whole, the mechanics now
    are simple enough to fit into a wheel
    with a width of 10 cm or less.

Like Bessler, I was sometimes in despair. Did Bessler cheat after all?
Even then he would have been a genius. But he was too God-fearing for that.
Anyone who understands his writings knows that he did not lie. But how did he do it?

Now it is clear! The wheels worked as described and authenticated - and the principle is simple.

Even Prince Carl, Landgrave of Hesse, who was the only one allowed to see the mechanism, said surprised:
„It’s astonishing that someone hasn’t discovered it before.”

And yet it took another 300 years and science still denies it.

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